Why I Wrote the Book

What were your motivations for writing the book?

One of my enduring interests is what causes people to thrive, rather than just survive. When I started the Master’s degree in Positive Psychology, I realised that approaches to positive psychology had not been used within the business environment. I wanted to broaden access to these benefits, to a larger audience.

Having come from a corporate background, I realised that much of training and development of people which was “common” inside big business, was not readily available to entrepreneurs, who are often time pressured. I wanted to create an accessible book for business owners with nuggets from the field of personal development and positive psychology.

Small business owners can have a massive impact on society. According to the ONS[ almost all enterprises (99.3 per cent) have less than 50 employees. These individuals can make quick decisions and turnaround their businesses quickly. If these businesses grow, perhaps only by one person – the impact on the economy would be great! My aim is to bring my experience of personal development and the researched approaches of positive psychology to small business owners and entrepreneurs, to enable them not just to survive, but to THRIVE whatever the economic conditions. A key finding I discovered whilst studying for my masters, and one that is counter intuitive, was that positive emotions play an important part in CAUSING success and not just being a result of success.

According to another report one reason for business failure is that small businesses don’t invest in training – so I wanted to package some training in a reasonably priced and accessible book, to encourage business owners to invest in their own development.

I strongly believe that successful individuals have a disproportionately positive affect on society. My mission is to increase the numbers of these people in our society. I’m a coach. I specialise in working with people who have already achieved success who have plateaued, or simply want more from life – I work with them to take their success to the next level. By writing the book I want to enable more people to become even more successful and have this incredible impact on society.

What do you feel the message of your book is and why is it different from other books on the market?

The book is about the power of personal choice. There are some of the choices that people have in areas that they may not realise. I often use the analogy of the office chair – there are levers underneath to adjust the height and back support to make the chair more comfortable. In the office environment, some people don’t know the levers are there, others know the levers are there but don’t use them and others make their chair comfortable. This is similar to a couple of the approaches I describe in the book (Chapter 8). Some people “experience” their emotions – but don’t feel they have any control. Or perhaps, they experience life by looking out the rear view mirror. My aim is to remind people they have choice.

What is the main goal of releasing this book? What would you hope to achieve?

According to the ONS almost all enterprises (99.3 per cent) have less than 50 employees and according to another report one reason for business failure, is that small businesses don’t invest in training. Often, many businesses don’t know what training it needs. A hairdresser who sets up a salon, probably doesn’t need further training in hairdressing, ditto the mechanic. Many small business owners don’t know exactly what they need to grow their business. ‘Raise Your Game’ provides value for money “training”, in getting small business owners to think bigger; perhaps as a result they will take the actions to grow their business. I set a small challenge to grow their business by an order of magnitude – add a nought to their revenue. In some small way I would be delighted to play a part in growing the UK economy. My personal hopes is every small business person will buy, or is given a copy of the book and takes some useful information from the book to grow their business by an order of magnitude.