About the Author

About the Author – Suzanne Hazelton

Suzanne is a coach, trainer and speaker and specialises in working with people who have already achieved success, who have plateaued, or simply want more from life. She works with them to take their success to their next level and has even been on her own personal journey to raise her game and have more positive experiences of life.

After leaving school at 16, Suzanne had a variety of jobs in different sectors, from laboratories to offices and ending up in a builders’ merchant as a management trainee. She got involved in all aspects of business from, sales, office management and all the way through to driving a fork lift truck! It is here, where Suzanne developed her interest in business.

She completed a BTEC through part time study at Hackney College, after which Suzanne returned to full time education gaining a BSc Hons in Industrial and Business Systems from De Montfort University. Following her degree, she returned briefly to the builders’ merchants, before joining IBM, where she stayed for 15 years. She originally started in a technical role, but soon realised that her passion was people and within two years she became a manager.

Suzanne continued to invest in her own education, initially gaining qualifications from the Open University. She gained qualifications in a range of disiplines: NLP, MBTI, Firo-B. She took training in psychotherapy and coaching. In 1995, Suzanne made the leap into IBM’s Learning and Development department. She had been warned that this was a place to retire to and not really suitable for someone dynamic. However, her passion was developing people and within the Learning and Development department she could do this. Suzanne spent over 7 years training and coaching a range of people from the newly hired graduates through to senior managers. Her work took her to a range of countries from US, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, France and South Africa.

After 5 years in the role, Suzanne realised she was ready for the next challenge, and in 2010 began an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, at University of East London. She quickly realised that the findings from this science had found a home in the self-help market, but weren’t being used within business. Suzanne vowed to change that.

Over the past two years, Suzanne has undertaken consultancy projects for organisations who want to increase employee well-being. She delivers training and also provides one to one coaching.

Suzanne have lived in many places – before the age of 16, she lived in London, Scunthorpe, Scotland, Halifax, Liverpool and London. Post the age of 16, Suzanne has lived in London, the Netherlands, Leicester, Germany, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, and now resides in Surrey.